Rogancy's Wanderings

Hello everyone! This is my first real site aside from my Yahoo club that some of you have joined. It is a site of my main characters I use in White Wolf chats. (Update: It now has a little bit of everything) I only really go into "The Meeting Place I" though (It's been a few years now since I've chatted there, but the page is still here). I thought it could be fun for some of you (as well as myself) to see a little background story of how these characters came to be. It is mainly background stuff and I am not too in depth in the area of researching time periods(never my strong point) so please excuse the vagueness and any inaccuracies. As I said though, this is my first site, so forgive me if it isn't too grand or exciting. I hope it will be interesting all the same, so bye for now and....Enjoy!

I just found out that the rest of this site cannot be viewed properly with Netscape Communicator (Thanks Nicola :-P ) So if you have internet Explorer looks like you're going to have to use that if you want to check any of this out....sorry. I'd fix it if I could...

Actually I think I might have just fixed that problem, so go on and try it, see whatcha get *G*

A sidenote here...All the pics here are pretty much taken from anime to either give people a rough idea of what these characters might look like, or the pic just makes me happy *G* (See the picture of Wizard on the updates page hehe) If you are an owner or a representative of an owner of any of these characters and don't wish to see them used here, simply email me verifying who you are and I will remove them since this is all just for fun anyway.


Like vampires? This is kinda fun if you can lure your prey in *G* Click here.

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